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Interview with the Labelmaker for Packaging of the World

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The Labelmaker’s latest interview for Packaging of the World is now live on their web site. We’d like to thank them for giving us the chance to share our own professional story and a few thoughts about some important questions that every designer will face.

“Hi Jordan, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.
I’m 41 now with great family and many friends, my design experience started long time ago in my childhood years.
I have a great affinity to letters & typography. The love for letters brought me where now I am.” Read more…

Good Morning digital calligraphy

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Good Morning digital calligraphy by the Labelmaker

This is my latest video showing how to write ‘Good Morning’ with lots of gestural swashes using Inkscape and Wcom Cintiq digital tablet.
‘Good Morning’ digital calligraphy is the latest video update by the Labelmaker. All made for fun, this video shows how to use Wacom Cintiq and Inkscape to create amazing hand-lettered greetings. Enjoy watching and follow the Labelmaker’s Youtube channel for more free downloads.

DOWNLOAD FREE ‘Good Morning’


‘Seb Lester’ calligraphy

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‘Seb Lester’ calligraphy – let’s go digital

Seb Lester is a respected artist and talent – hope he was not truly serious with his “Digital is Dead” calligraphy video.
The truth is that the Cintiq is not almighty – there are many traditional techniques that are really hard to be reproduced on digital tablet.
The other side of the coin says that it is also an independent tool in evolution – it might be treated as something different from what we have known so far.
… and at the end – remember what happened with digital cameras and photography :-)))
Enjoy calligraphy – go digital!