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My latest packaging design experiment with laser carving on wood

By September 20, 2018January 5th, 2021blog
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This post is about my latest packaging design experiment with laser carving on wood. After being in wine industry for more than 20 years I have always been enchanted by wood boxes for wine and especially by the carved logos of different wineries. For all these years many winery logos I did for my customers have been used for such boxes, but I have never designed one myself. Finally, I decided to make an experiment after I found an old friend of mine who left printing, purchased laser machine and started wood carving family business. He called his company Laser Varna and I am happy that we re-established professional contact – they really made my dreams come true with great precision and unsurpassed perfection and quality.

There will be several new posts on my blog about this packaging design experiment. In short – I picked in no particular order some recent logos I did for my wine clients and with their permission I did designs for wood boxes. Each one of them is unique, complex and, I might say, very difficult and even challenging for production. Of course, my friends from Laser Varna did their best to make everything look awesome and I am more than pleased with the final result.

laser carving on wood

The photos here show the wooden box packaging design I did for Velis Vineyards. Everything Laser Varna did is extremely precise without losing the feeling of craftsmanship and hand-made work. In fact, I believe they achieved great integrity between modern digital technology and the authenticity of crafts that is very organic to wine industry in all of its aspects. All edges are very sharp and clean which makes the whole box look extremely classy. I personally like very much the burned part of the wood because its dark brown color is very rich with different details depending on density of the wood. The logo I placed on both sides of the box is real eye-candy too. It is very big and I did not want to spend decades carving its inner part so I decided to replace it with linear pattern. The result was simply beyond my expectations though from the very first moment I knew that lines were a smart move.

packaging designSee for yourself the final results with this experimental packaging design – all photos are made in my studio with nearly no post processing, so everything is very natural looking the way it is in real life. The production video is taken while boxes were carved in Laser Varna factory.

Enjoy the result and feel free to contact Laser Varna on their Facebook page in the credits at the footer of the post – you will be surprised by the quality they could give to make your wines look even more special and shine among the others on the shelf!

laser carving on wood

Laser Carving: Laser Varna
Client: Velis Vineyards
Box Design: the Labelmaker
Photo: Jordan Jelev


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