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A Wooden Wine Box for Orbelia Winery Decorated with Laser Engraving

By October 7, 2018blog
wooden wine box

This new update is for a recent project I did with my friends from Laser Varna – a wooden wine box for Orbelia Winery decorated with laser engraving.
Just like in the previous project I shared with you for Velis Vineyards we used same technology for this brand new design. I wanted to have really huge logo engraved on the top of the box, wrapping around left and right sides. Being already experienced in laser engraving I filled the whole logo with diagonal linear pattern and thus I received really huge size on one hand and on other I shortened half the time for laser work. If the logo was solid it would have taken probably hours to engrave it all.

wooden wine box

I was also pretty much surprised by the quality of small texts like “WINERY”. Written in thin sans serif typeface with height of 4.5mm the letters were surprisingly sharp and detailed. Same thing noticed in hidden serifs of “ORBELIA” text – there was so much detail and precision in sharp terminals of the letters that you somehow want to touch them and see for your self if it was really that sharp.
Again the overall quality of the final product was beyond any doubt – solid, but light at the same time, precisely engraved, this wooden box would surely become a perfect container for Orbelia’s top wines.
Warm thanks to Laser Varna who did the whole job the best way thou I am sure they want to burn me alive on pile of my engraved boxes:-)

wooden wine boxCredits:
Laser Carving: Laser Varna
Client: Orbelia Winery
Box Design: the Labelmaker
Photo: Jordan Jelev



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