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Protagonista wine label video

By April 1, 2016August 27th, 2017blog

Protagonista – Wine Label Video by the Labelmaker

Protagonista is a brand created by Enosiasti for their custom wine series. I did this video with rotating bottles just to show a good close-up of the label and to let you see every single detail.
In this design I used very elegant and masculine bottle made by the famous French manufacturer Saverglass. The model name is Brodelaise Paradis and on my opinion it is one of their best choices for premium wines like Protagonista.
The label is printed on Avery Dennison’s Canal Blanc paper. I picked this paper because of its elegant debossed lines texture. I like it very much as it perfectly suits for minimalistic designs on large label where the feeling of paper character is almost everything. This particular one was also perfect because the lines create a good feeling for perspective – something quite needed in designs like this.
I also used rich copper hot-foil – excellent for red wines and having good contrast with white paper background.
The figure of King is overprinted with thick transparent puff-up varnish.
In general – I tried to design an amazing wine label standing out among the other with its clean and intriguing idea as well as its elegant composition and balanced embellishments.

Client: Enosiasti
Design: the Labelmaker
Brand Creation: Enosiasti
Bottle: Bordelaise Paradis by Saverglass
Paper: Fasson Canal Blanc by Avery Dennison
Photo: Jordan Jelev

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