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No Paperwhite

By May 19, 2020November 17th, 2021blog
no paperwhite

Arconvert Interview on Ispira Nero Mistero paper

Do you know what’s in common between 6 of the most successful wineries in Bulgaria?
Well It’s not only the good wine itself.
Together with Arconvert’s team we have started a row of publication dedicated to my personal experience with their game-changing Ispira Nero Mistero paper. This brand new interview is the beginning and also an introduction to the rest of the articles.

Jordan Jelev:

“It was the magic to work on black background. The black paper and almost every pulp-colored paper destroys the foundations of a “paperwhite” world. This is the real challenge here – no white basis, everything you know about photorealistic color reproduction doesn’t count. It’s all black now and I have to leave my comfort zone, change the way I think and use this ‘discomfort’ as my major advantage. This is why I chose Ispira Nero Mistero.”

Read full interview here.