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A Wine Christmas Tree by Cantine Minini

By February 4, 2020February 5th, 2020blog

My friends from Cantine Minini have created amazing Wine Christmas Tree using the Tank wines I designed for them back in 2015. I was pretty much surprised to see how good the bottles were arranged and decided to share it with everyone who likes my work.

Three of the wines and a crown from the Christmas Tree by Cantine Minini.

Photos are made by Giorgio Minini and I keep them since end of 2019 but couldn’t find the right time to create this post.
I know that it is not the right time for a Wine Christmas Tree right now but I feel so happy every time I see this photos that I wanted to share them with a larger audience.
I started working with Cantine Minini in 2011 as far as I remember and by now we have created several successful wine packaging designs including a full revamping of Minini’s winery logo. You could search the website for Corte dei Mori wine project, Governo Toscano wine, and the flagship of the winery, Minini wine range.
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